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:iconjoegp:JoeGP posted a status
A little life update in case anyone is wondering where i disappeared to.

Uploading images to devinatart and to all the specific groups took a lot of time, so was editing all the raw images i shot, it started to feel more like work than fun, so i found more fun things to do like gaming, youtube, netflix ... and since spring of 2015 we moved from our city apartment to a house in a small village.

The house is still under construction and my parents and mostly me are the ones finishing the interior, the 1st floor is mostly done and that's where we live right now, hopefully we will be able to finish the 2nd floor this year, but there's also a garage to be built and we have a fairly big garden in which we will plant a lot of crops in (and a few fruit trees).

All of this might keep me busy for a few years if not more.

But i would like to get back to photographing and to Deviantart some day soon.

(would have liked to add a few images to this post of the house but apparently i need Core membership for that, another reason that keeps me away from dA)

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